Pocas Colheita Port, 1992

Bottled 2016

Quite a murky orange/brown colour, quite hazy too. The aroma is very whisky like. Lots of marzipan, oak, prunes, vanilla and fig. It really smells quite like a spirit. The palate is warming but not alcoholic – the flavours are the same as the nose minus the marzipan. A drier style of port, really quite spirit like, but I really really like it. 93pts (3/18)

1940 Burmester Colheita

Bottled 2011

Such a great bottle of port. Old balsamic meets fig rolls leather and then a sublime aroma of chocolate and cherry. The palate has rich, intense dried fruit sweetness leading onto an outstanding palate of cocoa, molasses cake and dark sugar. The balance is superb and the length eternal! Drunk on Christmas Day when building a Lego bin lorry with my son! 96pts