Cockburn’s Vintage Port, 1977

Bottle 261 out of 1340, recorked by Cockburn’s in 2015.

Released to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the port house, this was a port that was hidden from the bean counters at Cockburn’s in the 1970’s, only to be ‘found’ by the Symingtons when they bought the company in 2006.

Just opened, it is bright with clove rock, strawberries and golden syrup on the nose. Sweet initially on the palate, with smoke, tree bark and then a mid palate alcohol, before a soft, dry, savoury palate. Very nice, no tannin. 89pts

After 10 hours, it is super. Still has a savoury nose, the cloves and strawberry stalks are still there, but are joined with a much more mellow smoke and a bit of cough medicine. The palate is very dried fruit forward, nutmeg, cinnamon and a tiny hint of curry powder comes through. Delicious and enough to nudge it up a point. 90pts (Dec 2016)

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