Five Day Tasting – Day 1

IMG_5497 (1).jpgSo the idea behind this is to see how a bottle of vintage port evolves over five days. I’ll be tasting the wine every day and figuring out when the ‘sweet spot’ is. This might seem like it is just me being an pedantic idiot, but it actually has some relevance. The reason so many people don’t buy better bottlesĀ is because they don’t want the wine to go off before they finish it. By conducting this experiment, we’ll see what a decent bottle of port can do, and then if it is nice after a week, there is no excuse not to drink nicer wine. So the rules;

  • Only I will drink the wine – no sharing.
  • I opened the wine, decanted it and left it in a decanter for 90 minutes before the first tasting.
  • I then put the wine back into the bottle and stoppered it with a cork stopper from an old bottle of tawny port.
  • I’ll try the wine every night and write a tasting note based on what I find.
  • The port I chose was a 1985 Gould Campbell Vintage Port

So, on day 1…

Ruby at the core of the wine, and then getting a tinge of brick around the edges. The nose has warm plum, cinnamon and fruitcake with a floral perfume aroma too. The palate is round, soft at first but then alcohol comes in as does cigar tobacco. There is an earthy element too that has a sweet fruit flavour calming it, and the alcohol, down by the end. A savoury finish. 87pts

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