Peter Wood

My name is Peter Wood and I like wine. I like wine so much that I started my own wine shop after working for other companies for 12 years. My main passion however is port. The almost indestructible fortified wine that comes from the Douro Valley has always held a place in my heart ever since I was introduced to it in 2001 by my late friend Duncan Murray.

This site will hope to achieve two things. Firstly being a full directory of all my tasting notes from 2001 to present. The second will be that I’ll write articles on port from time to time, allowing me to indulge my hobby of wine writing that I used to do on my wine blog, The Tasting Note. Please don’t think that this is a comprehensive guide to port, it isn’t. There are some fabulous books which you can find in the bibliography if you want a guide to the producers and the history of port. This is simply my port journey.

A lot of the ports tasted in the early part of the 2000s were tasted with my ‘drinking buddies’, Peter Crawford, Richard Bray and Kirsty Armstrong. We founded a fine wine drinking club which enabled us to try wines that were far beyond our meagre earnings at the time. Since we have all moved to different parts of the country, the decedent lifestyle we led in our twenties as gone the way of the dodo and now, as a father with a business to run, my drinking is not as extravagant as they once were. So I made the decision to focus my attentions on the wine that I really love, port.

Tasting notes for me aren’t just about what the wine is like, it is about who I was sharing them with, and almost like a diary. So from time to time you’ll see references to people, some of whom are no longer with us, and it is a nice way of remembering wines I shared with them.

I hope you enjoy this site, and hope when you read it, you have a glass of something nice and fortified in your hand.