• Established 1815
  • Founded by Robert Cockburn
  • Current Owner Symington Family
  • Website Facebook Twitter Instagram 

I’ll admit to being prejudice against Cockburn’s as being producers of bulk generic port and as a result haven’t explored them more. After the Second World War, Cockburn’s was bought out by company after company and became a tiny part of a big empire. As a result, quality was forgotten about in preference for volume, proven in 1977 when they didn’t release a vintage port* as the beancounters told the winemakers not to.

Bought by the Symingtons in the early 21st Century, Cockburn’s is having the investment and care it needs to make the most of the incredible, if unrealised, potential it has.

*The winemakers did actually make a vintage port in 1977 and declared it, but kept it hidden for decades. When the company was bought by the Symingtons, they found the wine and released just over 1300 bottles to celebrate Cockburn’s 200th anniversary in 2015.