Five Day Tasting – Day Four

So after four days, the wine has started to fall apart. The nose is still nice, spiced fruit and so on, but the palate has really become disjointed. There is a harsh bitter element coming through and the wine is not as tasty as it was. However, put it with some blue cheese (as I did in a wonderfully clichéd way) and it was much better with the strong mouldy flavours masking it a bit. 86pts

Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage Port, 2004

Cockburn’s always goes for a slightly drier style of port to the other big houses, and the LBV was exactly that.  A very soft nose, and with a dusty, cocoa and leather aroma arriving before the sweet fruit.  The palate was very savoury, with dusty spice, cinnamon bark and dark chocolate dominating the strawberry and bramble.  It is almost as though someone had got a fruit compote, and dusted it with lots of spiced cocoa powder.  As a wine on it’s own, it would be a little trickier to drink because of the savoury elements needing food, but because of that, it actually endeared itself to me more! 86pts (Nov 2009)

Taylor’s Quinta de Terra Feita Vintage Port, 1999

A little wet earth aroma and some Ribena!  Some alcohol comes off immediately with some herbal – rosemary and mint – emerging too.  The palate is a bit meaty, quite sweet, but with lots of earthy elements and a gutsy, spicy, leather flavour.  It is rich, with gutsy tannin, but is very nice with a savoury finish.  86pts (June 2011)