Niepoort Tawny Dee Port

A cherry red coloured tawny port, with some slight orange hints on the rim. The nose has a cranberry, cherry menthol aroma with some slight spice hints. The palate is nicely balanced, with dried berries, dried leaves and the brandy note coming out quite a bit. Very little alcohol burn though. A really nice port. 89pts (February 2017)

Graham’s Vintage Port, 1980

Just opened, it has mint, dried berries and aniseed. Alcohol is very present, then builds before a dry, hard finish. After two days in the bottle (after being decanted and then put back in with a stopper) it was transformed. Soft berry aromas full of stalks and then coated with chocolate. The palate is dryer than expected, and alcohol still very visible, but with everything rounded by the much more appealing fruit. A long, rollercoaster of a finish with occasional pepper spikes. 89pts (Dec 2016)