Niepoort Crusted Port


Wow! A delightful aroma coming out of cherry, smoke and thyme… maybe some rosemary too. The palate is gentle, well integrated alcohol, firm tannin, and the alcohol comes out a little too, but really nice and dark. Sure, it needs some time to mature, but it is very drinkable now if you like a big port. 90pts (February 2017)

Graham’s Crusted Port, bottled 2011

Wow Рvery fruity Рloads of raspberries and sweet cherry. A little bit of sweet candied peel coming off. The palate is really unctuous, a little bit of chocolate and then some firmer tannin coming. This will need more time to hit its stride.  Alcohol is at the fore and then some darker liquorice flavours come out. Just far too young. 84pts (with potential) (Dec 2016)