Niepoort Ruby Dum Port

Cherry, lots of cherry coming off the nose. There is a jammy element coming out with some warm honey as well. The palate is quite thick with some big tannin, moderate alcohol and then a lot of spice coming off. Nice and juicy, well made, but I think a tiny bit clumsy on the midpalate before it cleans itself up and finished off well. 87pts (February 2017)

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port

It had a very berry dominated nose, with some caramel aspects coming through, with cloves and aniseed peppered throughout.  The palate was a bit light for my normal tastes, but had a bit of tannin up front which was nice and gave it some guts.  Tobacco flavours came next, with a lot of spice, with it all being rounded up with strawberry and cherry flavoured tobacco. As a basic port, it is not bad. 80pts (Nov 2009)

Fonseca Terra Prima Organic Port

This had a lovely cassis and bramble on the nose, a little cracked coffee bean mixed with dark chocolate. The palate is soft, juicy dark berry fruit, a little heat up front and then some really tasty savoury elements creeping through.  Lots of coffee on the finish…. minty notes too with some more of the coffee bean flavour.  A long end, a touch of alcohol heat, but essentially a cracking cracking bottle of port.  87pts (Sept 2010)

Niepoort Ruby Dum Port

It was big, juicy, slightly jammy, with a bundle of spice and herbs rammed up your nose.  There was a gorgeous creamy texture with an almost nectar like quality to it, warming your mouth with small pricks of alcohol, tempered by cocoa, milk chocolate and sweet autumn berry flavours.  The main criticism was a slightly alcoholic finish, but it was a lovely port nevertheless.  84pts (May 2011)

Graham’s Crusted Port, bottled 2011

Wow – very fruity – loads of raspberries and sweet cherry. A little bit of sweet candied peel coming off. The palate is really unctuous, a little bit of chocolate and then some firmer tannin coming. This will need more time to hit its stride.  Alcohol is at the fore and then some darker liquorice flavours come out. Just far too young. 84pts (with potential) (Dec 2016)