1940 Burmester Colheita

Bottled 2011

Such a great bottle of port. Old balsamic meets fig rolls leather and then a sublime aroma of chocolate and cherry. The palate has rich, intense dried fruit sweetness leading onto an outstanding palate of cocoa, molasses cake and dark sugar. The balance is superb and the length eternal! Drunk on Christmas Day when building a Lego bin lorry with my son! 96pts

Sandeman 20 Year Old Tawny Port

IMG_5646.jpgA fancy bottle, looking very much like something that would normally contain whisky, a glass stopper, a little gold badge on the bottle and the iconic cloaked man on on the label. A lot of marketing money has gone into the Sandeman’s brand which, apart from the bulk made port you’d normally find in supermarkets, has been suspiciously absent in a lot of wine merchants in the UK.

Now that Liberty Wines has got the job of distributing it, Offley and a range of Sogrape’s wines, expect that to change, but is this highly stylised wine worth the £35 – £40 you’d expect to pay?

Dear God yes! It is a lovely wine with a multitude of dried fruit – raisins, prunes, candied peel, apricots – leaping out of the glass with a note of marzipan as well. A deliciously smooth palate, again those fruits, but with very well integrated alcohol, a noticeable sweetness, but with some cigar smoke on the finish and the tiniest bit of stewed rhubarb. This is a super 20 year old tawny and I’m sure I’ll revisit it again very soon. 92pts

Niepoort The Senior Tawny Port

Strawberry red core with a brick colour around the rim, and the wine has an orange marmalade aroma up front, polished wood with some cinnamon pastry. The palate has more dried fruit up front, then a lovely brandy flavour coming out. Very soft, with little prickles of alcohol coming through, it is a super wine that offers great value for money. 90pts (February 2017)

Niepoort Tawny Dee Port

A cherry red coloured tawny port, with some slight orange hints on the rim. The nose has a cranberry, cherry menthol aroma with some slight spice hints. The palate is nicely balanced, with dried berries, dried leaves and the brandy note coming out quite a bit. Very little alcohol burn though. A really nice port. 89pts (February 2017)

Taylor’s 40 Year Old Tawny Port

A lot of dark, liquorice aromas with some caramel and raisin. Cocoa and toffee and some lovely sweet tobacco.  The palate is fat, globular and spicy.  Very little balance and a lot of alcohol heat. There is a spice flavour there and the finish is sweet and clean but it is just lacking in any grace and is, really, a ‘bang for your bucks’ wine, and at a hundred pounds a bottle, that is a lot of bucks. 85pts (Dec 2011)

Niepoort Tawny Dee Port

It looked more like a lighter ruby as there was still a lot of red in the colour, but it was quite transparent and looked more like an older vintage.  The nose too had a lot of sweeter, juicier red berries, but there was a definite Tawny element.  Some raisin elements, a lot of brown sugar and prunes came through.  The palate was quite sweet, with a combination of brambles and prunes, blueberries and leather and then with a dried fruit soaked in rum flavour on the finish.  It was very well balanced, with a lovely, long lasting finish.  87pts (May 2011)